Tokante Di Nos

The company is specialized in a fine chemical, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, organic amine compounds in the development and production and trade of science and technology enterprises.

We carry out thequality first, reputation as the most importantbusiness principles, Bingzhuo innovative spirit and honesty and trustworthiness of the operating style and dedication to the general business to provide services. We seek dialogue with users, research institutions and partners to strengthen mutual cooperation, we continue to improve the product system to meet the needs of our customers.
Advantages of the company is a series of intermediates and other raw materials, organic amines, pyridines and other intermediates. Most of the customized products, high quality, the price is competitive. At the same time, the company is Nanjing Chemical Reagent Factory in Jiande City designated the only dealer, authorized to operate itsSouth testbrand of reagents, while access to a number of glass equipment, chemical reagents, chemical raw materials and other manufacturers designated Jiande The only dealer in the region of honor and status.

My company in recent years with the country more than close cooperation units. I use the company and the supply of good relations to provide quality and cheap products, with the establishment of the units over the years the only supplier qualification, and achieved good results. Warmly welcome new and old customers throughout the visit!